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Do you want to know the exact value of your property ? Whether you own a house with a garden, an apartment in the city center or a building plot, Coulon Immobilier answers all your requests for estimates .

Specialist in Montalbanian real estate, the Coulon Immobilier team supports you in all your purchase, rental and sale projects, by carrying out a reliable and free evaluation of your accommodation, in the utmost confidentiality.

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Why have your property appraised in Montauban?

A real estate appraisal consists in determining the real value of a property on a given market. This is an important step in your project, whether you want to get rid of a house, a studio or a family apartment in Montauban. It will establish the success of your operation by securing your transaction.

By positioning your accommodation at a price consistent with the sector, you will finalize the negotiation more quickly and at the best price. You will attract more potential buyers who are likely to make an attractive offer. 

You may even be lucky enough to be able to choose between several buyers. As part of a sale, an accurate estimate saves time and completes the transaction at the best price . If you overestimate your property, it will not reach prospects and the sale may drag on, causing anxiety. If you undervalue your home, you will lose financially.

A reliable valuation is the assurance of selling your home calmly and in good conditions. An apartment estimate on Montauban can also inform. If you have done major work in your home, you may want to quantify the impact of the improvements made.

How to make a real estate estimate in Montauban?

The valuation of your property requires a complete analysis of your residence and its environment. It cannot be improvised and will take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your home. We are finalizing a detailed study to determine the precise value of your property based on:

  • its characteristics (area, year of construction, number of bedrooms, general condition, level of services, vis-à-vis, orientation, brightness, etc.),
  • its location (environment, proximity to the city centre, shops and schools),
  • The specificities of the local market, as well as the global context (specific trends, scarcity of the property, rapidly developing district, market dynamism, etc.).

In any case, our team of real estate market experts in Montauban will come to your home. It will also be an opportunity to get to know each other and offer you sales support.

Who can get your property valued in Montauban?

Because the estimate determines the success of your project, it should not be taken lightly. The ideal is to use an independent local agency, which will advise you. At Coulon Immobilier, we have a perfect knowledge of the Montalban market. We can evaluate your property quickly, to secure your sale. You will put all the chances on your side to sell at the best price and in a serene way.

Whether it's an apartment valuation in Montauban in the city center or in a quiet area, our team, with its experience and know-how, remains at your disposal. Contact us quickly.

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